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Welcome to my AvonwithAmanda blog!

Hello All and Welcome to my Blog!

I am so excited to get started with this, i have never “Blogged” before so please, be patient if I am not the best at first.  I promise I will get better as i learn the tricks of the trade!  

Let me familiarize you all with myself.  I am a young 21 year old woman who loves life!  I am blessed to be a mother to two amazing little boys, one almost three and the other is just now 6 months, and just now began crawling… into everything!  I have an amazing, hard working husband and know that even though we fell in love young, he is my best friend and other half.

I am Albino, and proud!  Pale is the new Pink, at least in my world!  I am legally blind, and okay with that.  This is what brought me to where I am now, beginning my journey in my new business aspirations with Avon!

I do love Avon, but unlike many Sales Reps I am not in this for the money;  I am humble and realize that if I profit 30 bucks, that’s $30 I didn’t have before.  

My plan with this ImagevonwithAmanda blog is to be honest with my reviews and opinions for you all and help you guys if you all decide to order any of my Avon products.  

I sincerely look forward to starting this adventure and hearing feedback from everyone!  

Again, have a blessed day and I will post again shortly!